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12" AMG Roger Rabbit Water Pipe

American Made Glass! Modeled after Maroon's biggest star, Roger Rabbit himself.

14" AMG Skull Water Pipe

American Made Glass! This pipe features little skull-bubbles, and a wild percolator system.

15" AMG Wicked Smile Water Pipe

American Made Glass! This pipe features creative twists and turns that make smoking smooth and fun. Also includes a unique hand blown slide.

4" Monster Rig

This little hand blown rig is cute and creepy! His teeth work to hold your tools, and his small size makes him perfect for concentrates.

4" Watering Can Rig

This hand blown rig has a nifty little handle. Its small size makes it great for concentrates.

5" Seaweed Rig

This piece has some very unique details! Its small size makes it perfect for concentrates.

5.5" Clear Rainbow Rig

This rig's fun colors and shapes are reminiscent of the world of Dr. Seuss!

5.5" High Priest Rig

Made by Logi Glass.

5.5" Submarine Water Pipe

This gorgeous hand blown water pipe mimics the cool vibes of an underwater atmosphere.

5.5" Underwater Wonderland Water Pipe

This beautifully crafted UV-reactive work features a jellyfish, a turtle, and some deep-sea fauna. This one-of-a-kind pipe functions just as well as a centerpiece as it does a smoking device!

6" Black Rainbow Rig

This rig's beautiful colors and sleek design will make a great addition to anyone's collection.

7" Ray Gun Rig

This unique hand blown rig will satisfy anyone's inner science fiction nerd. Comes with a matching glass concentrate tool and dish.