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8" Koi Fish Water Pipe

One-of-a-kind hand blown koi fish water pipe. 8" from tail to whisker.

8" Microscope Rig

This wonderfully detailed little rig is shaped just like a microscope.

8" Pickle Rick Water Pipe

One-of-a-kind water pipe perfect for any fan of Rick and Morty!

9" AMG Fruit Cocktail Water Pipe

American Made Glass! This colorful hand-crafted water pipe features a number of cool details, including a little teddy bear with an ice cream cone in its belly and bubbles with sweet summer treats.

9" AMG Minion Water Pipe

American Made Glass! This hand blown water pipe features one of the lovable minions in a super cool UV-reactive space suit.

9" Kraken Water Pipe

This unique water pipe, modeled after the legendary sea monster, will blow you away with its gorgeous colors and attention to detail. 9" from tentacle to tentacle.