RAW Packs

RAW's very own packs that come with everything you need!

RAW's packs of RAWesome combinations from tips and pokers to all the papers you need and fold out trays!

Picture of RAW Packs Artesano
RAW Packs Artesano
The RAW Artesano is the ultimate in Rolling Paper packaging. Each RAW Artesano contains rolling papers, tips and a pop-out spring-loaded rolling tray. The entire pack closes securely using a neat paper-fold over trick that we invented!
Picture of RAW Packs Connoissuer
RAW Packs Connoissuer
RAW Connoisseur™ is one of our personal favorites. Each Connoisseur pack includes RAW Unrefined papers, RAW Unrefined Tips, and a unique outer sleeve with natural rubber band.
Picture of RAW Packs Wiz Pack
RAW Packs Wiz Pack
Wiz Khalifa's very own combo packs complete with papers, tips, and poker stick.
Picture of RAW Packs Wiz Loudpack
RAW Packs Wiz Loudpack
I remember the night very well. It was US election night 2012 and we were all in the green room of a venue in Vancouver, Canada before Wiz’s show. Wiz was rolling up when he turned to me and asked for a poker to pack the ends in. I didn’t have one and neither did anyone else in the room. We dug around for a pen to use but nobody could find one. It was funny but eventually we had to send Big Breeze out to grab a pen from one of the security guards. That night Wiz told me “See, Josh you need to include a poker with my packs.” It took me a while to find a way to keep it integrated and natural but now we’re proud to announce the launch of the special Wiz packs with built-in tips and poking tool! May you never spend another night of frustration searching for a pen to poke with!