Red Dawn

Extra Energy Extra Mood Enhancement Fruit Flavored Dietary Supplement

Experience Liquid Euphoria!!


Red Dawn Drink was designed to energize you fast and leave you with a euphoric feeling.

Forget herbal ecstasy, forget those fake bud products, this is the real deal!

Red Dawn Drink is the ultimate herbal experience! Perfect for a night of clubbing or raving!

Unlike other substances that produce the same effects, Red Dawn Liquid does not leave you with a hangover after your trip!

Give Red Dawn Liquid a shot today!

100% Legal Natural Herbal Ingredients: Bitter Orange, Guarana, 5-HTP, Bioperine, Indian Bromine, Cinnamon, Cola-Nut, Niacin, Fo-Ti, Vitamin C, and Artificial Fruit Punch Flavor

Originally developed as a capsule, Red Dawn was re-engineered as a drink in order to work faster, but give you the same euphoric trip!



Available in bottles of:

- 2 oz

- 4 oz

- 8 0z

Picture of Red Dawn Small 2oz
Red Dawn Small 2oz
Picture of Red Dawn Medium 4oz
Red Dawn Medium 4oz
Picture of Red Dawn Large 8oz
Red Dawn Large 8oz